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How does laser work?

Infrared light searches out pigment in the hair follicle, heats up the follicle and kills the root of the hair.

Am I a good candidate?

People with brown to black hair and fair to dark skin can all be good laser candidates. White, blonde or red hairs do not get good results from laser treatment, as there is not enough pigment in the hair. If an individual has hormonal problems (i.e. overproduction of testosterone in a female), they can still be treated, but may take many more sessions that the average person. Laser is equally effective on males and females.

How should laser treatments feel?

Laser should feel warm and/or slightly prickly. It should not feel "agonizing". It should, above all, protect the skin and keep it safe.

How many treatments will it take?

The average person will need six to ten sessions, with fallout of hair becoming noticeable after the 3rd or 4th session.

How long does a treatment take?

Small areas, such as an upper lip, only take about 30 to 40 seconds of treatment. Larger areas, such as the lower legs, take approximately an hour long session.

What are the effects on my skin?

After a session, an individual's skin may be slightly pink for approximately 10-20 minutes. A person can continue with normal activity immediately after treatment.

How often do I need a treatment?

Treatment cycles vary according to cycles of average hair growth. Facial areas are usually treated every six weeks, with most body hair usually treated every eight weeks.

Can I work on all areas of my body?

Most areas can be treated with the following exceptions: Eyebrows are not treated due to there being too much pigment within the actual eye, tattoos are not treated as treatment may de-pigment the tattoo, and people with unhealthy skin cannot be treated over the problem area (i.e. severe eczema or sunburn.

What precautions should I take?

  • It is safe to treat healthy skin, even on pregnant women.
  • It is best to avoid tanning the treated area for two weeks before and after treatment. Persons using medications or creams that can cause light sensitivity, should not be treated.
  • There can be no tweezing waxing ,electrolysis or depilatory creams used when laser has become the choice for hair removal. Shaving is allowed between treatments and required one or two days prior to the treatment itself.

What will it cost?

Prices vary according to different treatment areas. Please book a consultation to receive an exact quote. For laser prices, please view the Price list.

What are the financial benefits?

Savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in other hair removal methods and hours of precious powder room time, over the next years of your life!

To book your appointment or or more information on laser services, contact us.


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