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Below are a few comments from current clients. Please contact Above All Electrolysis and Laser today for a free laser consultation or to book your service.

"My experience has been beyond expectation. Not only are the treatments giving me the results I was looking for, but I always feel as though Suzana really cares about me and the outcome that I am looking for.  She is the real deal and  truly authentic. "


When I moved from out of province to Calgary in 2011, I began to search for a new Electrologist. Without the benefit of a referral, and only after learning of a 6 month waiting list at a larger centre in Calgary, I was very fortunate to discover Suzana. I was warmly welcomed into her space where she shared her knowledge, expertise, and many years of experience. She takes care to ensure my comfort while ensuring I get the results I’m looking for. Suzana has now provided me with both Electrolysis and Laser treatment and it is so great not to have to shave my legs! I lovingly refer to Suzana as My Laser Lady and I highly recommend her.


In my experience laser treatments have been a wonderful solution for hair removal. The service the Ms. Sostaric-Rutley provides is nothing short of fabulous. The "Laser Lady" puts you at ease in calming aesthetic and esthetic space, offering the client with a safe and comfortable environment in which to relax. Unlike other hair removal experiences I have had, laser is certainly the most effective, easy and low maintenance procedure I have endured, and I have certainly tried all and any methods available. You will be pleasantly surprised by the care and consideration the Laser Lady bestows. I whole heartedly recommend if you are considering laser treatment that you should book a consultation with her today. It is called "Above All" for a reason.


I have been very happy with my laser experience with Suzana.  She makes me feel very comfortable and is very careful with the laser settings particularly due to my skin colour.  I appreciate the care she takes in each of the treatments.  Suzana's a very kind and caring person and I find these qualities have my made my experience great.  I highly recommend her.

Rehana - teacher

I have been a client of Suzana's since Sept 2007 and there could not be more personalized, professional care anywhere!

One appointment I showed up on Suzana's doorstep, having just been soaked from head-to-toe in a freak downpour. She whisked me inside, gave me a steaming cup of hot tea, and threw all my clothes in the dryer. After slotting me in after her current client (I was late because of the rain), she pulled my then refreshingly-warm clothes out of the dryer, and sent me on my way, after double and triple-checking that I was ok. Now that's service you don't get everywhere!

With Suzana, going for an appointment is really more like visiting a friend! She is genuinely interested and concerned about you, while offering knowledgeable and professional care at the same time. Thank you Suzana!


Suzana gives the ultimate treatment….she ensures you leave feeling pampered and relaxed!

L. Jensen, Professional Life Coach/Ignite U

As a physician and long-standing client of Ms. Rutley's, it is with full confidence that I recommend her services. Ms. Rutley demonstrates excellent esthetic skills as well as care for her clients. Her esthetics, electrolysis and laser hair removal are all provided in a clean and hygienic environment. Ms. Rutley follows extremely high standards of cleanliness while providing all of the above services. She is always concerned for their health as well as their comfort.

Dr. Gita Kruger, MSc, MD, CCFP
Family Physician

Suzana is the best esthetician I have come across! She is dedicated to her work and maintains a professional yet, personal relationship with her clients. Her expert knowledge combined with top of the line equipment yields excellent results. Thanks Suzana!

Melanie, RMT

I started going to Suzana over 10 years ago for electrolysis. I had been going to others for the last 15 years, but was not seeing the results. With Suzana, I saw results within the first few months. I have a 16 year old daughter, and did not want her to go through what I went through so I was thrilled when Suzana started offering laser services. My daughter, Alex, is now undergoing treatments for her underarms and wants her legs done next. My daughter and I also love Suzana's other many services such as her pedicures and facials. I have recommended several of my friends who have been as satisfied with Suzana as we have. Suzana skills are not only with esthetics, but she is also kind, considerate and has a great sense of humor.


Suzana always makes me very comfortable during my treatments. I was always embarrassed about the hair on my legs and under arms. I found it very difficult to talk to anyone about it. Suzana is very knowledgeable, spoke with me about my options, and allowed me to decide what I wanted to do.

Brenda, Team Leader

I've been a client of Suzana’s for over 10 years and am continually impressed with her ability to provide a professional, top notch level of service while making me feel like a close personal friend. She is easy going, approachable and has her treatment room setup as a soothing, calm and inviting environment. I receive a full range of services from her and find her very knowledgeable about all aspects of her services.

Even though I live across town from Suzana I still go back to her. She’s amazing!

Debbie, Team Lead, IT Support

I have been a client of Suzana's for many years. I get electrolysis done on my chin and upper lip and am really satisfied with how it's going. Suzana has a way of making the client feel comfortable and at ease even though electrolysis isn't the most comfortable process. I'm extremely glad that I changed to her from my last electrolysist.

It has taken me a bit longer than the average person to see progress since I made a misinformed choice to try laser a few years back which didn't work for me. I have blonde and red hair with only a few darker ones and the place I went to took me as a client when they shouldn't have. I had to shave my face during that time and when it didn't work more than removing the darker hairs and I returned to electrolysis, it was like starting all over again or worse.

Since coming back to Suzana the hair on my face has been significantly reduced and I have increased the length of time between needing treatment.

Recently, we have been doing a test of Suzana's laser on red hair and I've been getting my underarms done. I find, after only two treatments, that the growth has substantially dropped and what does grow now is much softer hair. So for dark hair, I'm sure it would work even better.

I highly recommend Suzana to anyone since she is a very honest, competent, caring person whose friendly professionalism is extremely welcome in this sensitive business.

Barb, Co-owner of a Calgary Cafe

I have been a customer of Suzana's since June 1997. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else even though it takes me 25 minutes to get to her business.

Suzana's business is run very professionally following health regulations. She uses gloves and disposable needles for electrolysis instead of re-using your own needle like some places do and many other things.

Suzana is a very caring person who cares a great deal about her customers. When I was getting married, I had a pimple come out so someone told me to put toothpaste on it which I did and it burnt my skin. Suzana, being the caring person that she is, told me what to do to make the redness go away. She even put this cream on my face right away to help get the redness out. I could feel that she felt terrible for me.

Suzana is also extremely honest. She wouldn't try to sell you something that you don't need. For instance, I am fairly light hair coloured and she came right out and told me that I wasn't a good candidate for laser treatment (which she also does) even though she would love to do it on me instead of electrolysis. Now most businesses would tell you, sure, it will work fine on you when indeed it doesn't work at all on you leaving you with even bigger problems.

Another great thing about Suzana is that she does keep up with newer technology and practices which to me is very important because I want someone working on me that knows what they are doing.

Kim, Bilingual Clerk, Fleet Management


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